Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Product Review: Logo Creator 5.0

Logo Creator is a logo design software that does exactly what it's name says, create logos. The logo making procedure works this way: you begin by choosing from dozens of different templates, which are some pre-made logos, and then modify and manipulate each of the different elements that make up the logo. If you don't want to start from an existing template, you can begin afresh and load various shapes and elements into the canvas and manipulate and arrange them as you like. The logo elements are grouped together into sets such as alphabets, orbs, glasses, shapes, swooshes etc. You can load as many elements as you want into a canvas. These elements are added as layers which you can rotate, scale, adjust colors, transparency, and add various cool effects like reflection, blur, 3D, shadows and all sorts of effects you normally find in Photoshop and other major image editing application.

Even though you are using pre-made shapes in your logo, but because these elements or shapes are so customizable the resulting logo can look entirely different from anything anybody has ever made before. You can then save the logo as an image file or as a template to re-use it in your later projects. The good thing about this software is that it needs very little creativity on your part to come up with attractive professional looking logos.

logo creator

A simple logo that I created

However, the program's interface is a little confusing. Just like Gimp, it uses individual windows for each element instead of one big parent window with all sub windows inside the main window. I find such interfaces a bit difficult to work on. Thankfully, there is a hide desktop option that removes the distracting desktop from the background giving the illusion of working "inside" a bigger window. There are some little nags like the program not remembering the window positions from last time and there is neither a maximize button nor any scaling options. This can cause problems if you are working on a canvas size that is bigger than the size of your monitor. These are some minor bothers but otherwise the application does a good job. If you are a professional designer, by the way, you won't find this program too helpful as it's limitation will come in your way. But for the rest, this program is mighty useful.

sample logos

Some sample logos created using Logo Creator

Logo Creator comes in 7 different editions, Corporate Logo, Business Mascot Logo, Travel and Leisure Logo, Entertainment Logo, Spiritual Logo, Real Estate Logo and Sports Logo Edition. Each of these edition costs $29.95. Or you can get yourself the The MEGA Pak Logo Collection that contains logos from all the 7 sets for a hefty sum of $189.95.


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