Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Use your camera phone as a webcam

The images produced by webcams are of very poor quality because of the cheap lenses they use and the low resolution. If you want a better quality webcam then well, just use your camera phone over Bluetooth. Now that's cool. No tangling wires and a webcam that you can carry it along with you, and of course that's your phone too.

wwigoWWIGO, pronounced as "we go", which is an abbreviation of "Webcam Wherever I Go" converts your camera equipped cell phone into a wireless webcam. The transmission takes place via Bluetooth. You can use your phone to do video chat through Skype, Yahoo and other Video IM. You can also live upload into video sharing sites such as Youtube, Grouper through your phone.

WWIGO consists of two software components - a mobile component that resides on the phone and streams video to the PC, and a PC component that receives video from the phone. The lack of wires gives you so much flexibility, not to mention the superior video quality. WWIGO is a free application and supports all Nokia S60 v2.0 and v3.0 devices. It supports Bluetooth enabled with any one of these bluetooth Stack, IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth Stack, Microsoft Bluetooth Stack, Widcomm Bluetooth Stack, Toshiba Bluetooth Stack.

You will need to register before you can download the software. Instructions to setup the software are given in this help file.


  1. can u use the G-1 camera as a webcam?

  2. I'm not sure about that. Please check that out at WWIGO if they support it.

  3. Could i use Sony Ericsson Satio as a webcam? if so, how?! help please xxx

  4. do you know if you could do the same but chat directly from the phone?

  5. Can i use my blackberry 9700?

  6. can u use my Samsung AGH97


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