Saturday, May 17, 2008

4 cool tools for forum users


The most simplest and easiest to use online community is the forum. A forum is a great way for like-minded individuals and peoples with common interest to come together and share their thoughts and opinions. Forum is also a great place to have fun. Most of you must have had experience with forums. Some of you might even be very active forum users. Forums can be very addicting place. To make a forum even more interesting and colorful, forum administrators provide support for addons like avatars, smiles, images in signatures etc. Let's add some more fun to the forums.

1. Smiley Generator: Aren't you bored using the same default smilies? All the forums have the same set of smilies because they run the same forum packages. Now create your own smilies with the smiley generator.

SimelyGenerator has a huge set of customizable smilies, from pirates to Napolean to Einstein. Each set again as 25 different expressions. There is also a smiley generator. You choose from more than fifty different types of eyes, mouth and additional stuff such as hands, hair and hats, adjust their position and then create the smiley. I wasted more than 30 minutes playing with the smiley generator.

  punksmil3ey smiley2 mad  einstein  friedeggs  think

2. GigaSmilies: GigaSmilies is a free smilies application that lets you to use different smilies on bulletin boards, blogs and social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook etc. GigaSmilies is very simple to use. Just Click on the smiley you want to add in the forum. The Smiley URL along with the selected tag ([IMG] for forums and <img> for websites) will be copied to clipboard automatically. Then you can simply paste it in forums, blogs and webpages to insert the smiley. However, you aren't allowed to add your own smilies, which is a bit of a let down. You are only allowed to use the smilies that come along with the application.


3. Usebar Generators: Usebars are small rectangular pictures which users use in their signatures in Internet forums and which indicates about their personality or hobbies and the softwares they use etc.

AmitySource Userbar Generator is an easy-to-use program for generating unique and attractive userbars. Load the images of your choice, type your text and the program will generate a userbar for you. However, finding the right image can be a problem. If you are unable to find a image of your choice then you can look over at the Usebar Archive for hundreds of pre made userbars. Now you might want to animate your userbar by combining several usebars into one animating GIF image. You can do that with Usebar Animator. The result is something like this


4. E-Mail Icon Generator: Often we share email ids with other users in forums and blogs. E-Mail Icon Generator allows to do this in style. Instead of typing you email ids, generate your own email icons and use them in message boards and websites. Not only does it look good it helps to keep your email ids safe from email harvesting programs typically employed by spammers.

gmail live yahoo

Have fun!


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