Thursday, May 8, 2008

Automatically remove splash screens with SplashKiller

A splash screen is one that is displayed right in the middle of your monitor when some application is loading. These little "ads" are pointless since we are already using that software. This reminds me of an amusing ad I saw on why you should be a pirate. A very convincing logic actually.

Fortunately, most applications have an option to disable the startup splash screen. But some of the software developers are as dumb and annoying as those anti-piracy enthusiast, that they provide no easy way to disable those screens. To rescue you from this hair tearing situation, we have a nice little utility called SplashKiller.

SplashKiller saves you from having to:
1. Find a 'no splash screen' option (if one exists) in the application.
2. Modify your registry to turn off a splash screen.
3. Hack the application itself to remove the splash screen.

It runs silently in the background, with a memory footprint of just 2.5 MB, and effectively kills all splash screen that attempts to launch during program startup. With the splash screen removed, some applications actually load a lot faster. If you want to prevent SplashKiller from removing the splash screen of any particular application then you can put it on ignore.


There may be some splash screens that SplashKiller doesn't hide, and there might possibly be some windows that aren't splash screens that SplashKiller will hide by accident. But, at the moment, SplashKiller is hiding all the splash screens on the authors PC (which is the main reason it was written).

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  1. I tried to remove the "Vista Audio Changer" splash screen with it, but it didn't work. Splash screens are especially annoying in programs that are supposed to run quietly in the background.


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