Friday, May 23, 2008

ClutterBuster - The application shortcut holder


Does your desktop look like this?


In that case you need to use ClutterBuster. ClutterBuster is an application that will hold most of the shortcuts, to software, that you have on your desktop. I said most because the application window has space available for only 100 shortcuts in a 10 x 10 grid. But that should be enough for everybody. It's insane to have more than 100 shortcuts on the desktop.

What you have to do is simply right-click in an empty box and then browse to the location of the application you want to create a shortcut, or if you already have the shortcut in desktop, then browse to the desktop folder and select the application (or shortcut) and click Open. The box will then show the image, from the icon found in the .exe file. The box shows only the icon and no text, so you have to know the application by looking at the icon.


Once you have added all the necessary icons to ClutterBuster, you can now remove those icons from the desktop. You desktop will now contain only one icon - the ClutterBuster.

If you want to remove a shortcut or want to arrange them in the grid, then you have to do it by editing the .ini file that is created once you add the shortcuts. The .ini file is located inside the same folder that ClutterBuster reside. Open the .ini file in Notepad and delete entries and arrange them as you wish. You can even add application shortcuts directly on the .ini file.

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