Friday, May 2, 2008

Firefox extension CookieSwap - Login to multiple email accounts at the same time

This is an excellent extension for those who have multiple accounts on Gmail, Yahoo etc and want to remain logged in to all of them at the same time. You know that's not normally possible because web based email accounts use cookies to track your login information and there can be only one user logged in to only one account on one browser. CookieSwap solves this problem by seamlessly swapping all your cookies so that you can be logged in to multiple web e-mail accounts at the same time without having to login and logout repeatedly.

CookieSwap is very useful for tasks like:

- Changing your cookies/identity to web e-mail sites (like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) so that you can quickly look like different users. Nice if you maintain multiple accounts and are tired of logging out and then back in to switch accounts. Also a great way to share if two people are using the same computer and want to switch between accounts quickly.

- Changing your cookies/identity to see how sites like Amazon and Google treat you differently depending on who you are. For example, if Amazon recognizes you as a returning shopper they give you a different looking page (and there were claims that they give you different prices also). Google has begun to use a feature called 'Personalized Search', where they modify their search results based on your user identity. There is a question about this when you create your Google account. The results of Google searches are different depending on if Google knows you or not. Use CookieSwap to quickly swap between Google recognizing you and being anonymous. Run the same search and see the differences.

- If you design web sites, you can setup numerous cookie profiles to look like different types of users and swap between those users quickly and easily to test your site in numerous modes (you can hand edit the cookies to have distinct values in each profile using a nice extension like 'Add & Edit Cookies').

This is how to use CookieSwap

1)Right click on the CookieSwap area of the Status Bar Panel (lower right corner of the browser) to bring up the CookieSwap menu. Select a profile (let's say 'Profile1')

cookieswap screenshot

2)Go to a web e-mail site (like and login
3)Bring up the CookieSwap menu again and select a different profile (let's say 'Profile2')
4)Again go to the web e-mail's main page. Note: Don't click on a link in the current open page. Instead, hand type the, or use a bookmarked entry for the site.
5)Notice the site doesn't recognize you as the previous user. Now login with your second account.
6)Use the CookieSwap menu to swap back and forth between the two profiles

Enjoy your multiple personality on the web!

Download CookieSwap

1 comment:

  1. Only problem for me is that I'd like to have them all open at the same time.

    Other than that, works great.


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