Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Firefox extension ThumbStrips - Thumbnails of browsing history

ThumbStrips is a Firefox add-on that records your browsing history in the form of filmstrip at the bottom of your screen. It takes a screenshot of every page you visit and arrange them in a timeline. Having a thumbnail of a page makes it easier for you to locate and return to any previous visited page, rather than having to go through the history list and making guesses.


When you install ThumbStrips a small icon will appaer in your toolbar and your status bar. When you want to start using ThumbStrips, you just click on the icon and it will load the filmstrip at the bottom of the page. Right-click on the icon to start and stop recording your history.

ThumbStrips toolbar

There is also an option to share your ThumbStrips on the web. Just choose the "share on innovation.intuit.com" option when you save a ThumbStrip, and then anyone can see what you saw and saved. ThumbStrips ignores secure sites, the ones with https instead of http, so that your private information remains private. So if you don't want ThumbStrips to record your email inbox, use https://, like https://www.gmail.com and https://mail.yahoo.com

Download ThumbStrips


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