Sunday, May 18, 2008

Free Personal Learning Edition of Autodesk Maya and VUE


If you are familiar with 3D modeling tools and CGI, then you must have heard about softwares like 3D Studio Max, Maya and Blender. These tools are capable of creating stunningly realistic looking models, characters and scenes. The gorgeous landscapes, the fearful monsters and the high action fight sequences filled with exploding cars and disintegrating airships shown in Hollywood movies are a result of such wondrous CGI tools. These softwares that can fetch millions of dollars to a highly skilled artist don't come cheap, obviously. These are supposed to be used and owned by professional 3D artist and studios.

However, some of these software publishers have released a fully functional free version of their product, specially for home use and are called Personal Learning Editions (PLE). These free editions have all the features found in the actual product and they never expire. The only drawback is, they leave a watermark on each image you render. To be honest, the watermark looks ugly. But that's a small price to pay in return for the thrill of legally owning a product that costs thousands of dollars and that can create miracles if you know how to use them.

Maya2008  VUE6

Maya 2008 and Vue 6

The Autodesk Maya PLE (the original product costs $4,995 or INR 199,800) and VUE 6 Infinite PLE (the original product costs $835 or INR 33,400) are the two products that are available in the PLE format.

Autodesk Maya is capable of creating high quality 3D computer graphics and animation. In order find out what Maya is capable of doing I suggest you to take the Fake or foto quiz.

Vue Infinite is a top of the line 3D software which aims to create highly realistic natural 3D environments. Earlier I wrote about a free terrain generating program called Terragen. VUE is capable of achieving much more than that. The following computer generated images will bear testimony to VUE's capabilities.

vue_1  vue_2


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