Thursday, May 15, 2008

FrostWire - The open source alternative to Limewire


Those who have used Limewire will agree that it is an excellent P2P program for sharing files. Limewire uses the Gnutella network which is perhaps the best file sharing network after BitTorrent, which makes Limewire a better P2P program than eMule, Ares and the like.

FrostWire is here to replace Limewire. FrostWire is an open source P2P application that uses the Gnutella and BitTorrent protocol, is free and provides all the features found in the free version of LimeWire, plus a few features found in LimeWire Pro as well as some additional functions.

frostwire  limewire1

FrostWire on the left and Limewire on right

FrostWire's interface is nearly identical to that of LimeWire's except the color, which is blue (see screenshots). The free version of LimeWire only connects to 4 ultrapeers whereas FrostWire connects to 6. This means that Frostwire have faster download speeds and broader search results than Limewire. FrostWire also features a chatroom which is absent in LimeWire

Enough said. Do you still want to use Limewire?


  1. The best thing is that now, the new version, FrostWire 4.17 [], works for Windows Vista without any major problem. And, ofcourse, it is free.

  2. @Matrix: I use windows vista, and I don't encounter any major problem, too.


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