Sunday, May 4, 2008

O&O DiskImage 2 Special Edition for Free

O&O Software, the publisher of the popular and most widely used disk defragmenting and data recovery softwares, is giving away one of their products the O&O DiskImage in a special promotional campaign.

O&O DiskImage is a drive backup tool that can backup an entire drive either in one whole chunk or through incremental imaging, so you only need to backup data changed since your last backup. To save space and to protect your data, the backup image can then be encrypted and also compressed to various different levels.

O&O DiskImage 2 Special EditionIf you ever need to restore data back to your computer, simply recall your backup image and your computer is back as it was before. The images can be mounted as drives through O&O DiskImage and Windows Explorer and also then unmounted again. This enables direct access to individual files or directories without the need to restore the whole image content.

Images can be split into either traditional portions (CD, DVD etc.) or also on user-defined scales. An automatic split is also possible, when for example the target drive is full or the maximum file size for the file system has been reached. Compression and encryption for every image can be individually selected too.

The special edition lack a few features found in the Professional edition like the ability to make a make bootable O&O DiskImage Recovery CD, a Windows-based Start Up CD, which is required to restore a system partition. Nonetheless, it's still an excellent disk imaging software and if it's from O&O, it's got to be good.

Register for your free copy of O&O DiskImage 2 Special Edition.


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  2. Registration for your FREE license of O&O CleverCache 6 Professional Edition


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