Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Print portable thumb calendars for your wallet


Remember, the printable strip calendar for the monitor? Now this calendar is for you wallet. The thumb calendar is available in a PDF format which can be printed out in small business card sized papers and carried around in your pocket or wallet. The calendar has two sides- the first half of the year is on one side of the card, the rest of the year is on the other. The field of numbers is shared among the six months on each side. The header of each month is appropriately aligned to show the actual days of the week.


How to use the calendar?

  1. Find the month you want to read.
  2. Use your thumbs to cover the numbers that are not directly below the month header.
  3. Note the color of the month header. The last day of the month is rendered in the same color.

The only disappointment is that the calendar is available in only one design.


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