Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sharing made easier on Google Reader

Google Reader has rolled out some new features that makes sharing contents with other users a lot more easier. To begin, there is a new bookmarklet "Notes in Reader" in the Notes pages. Just drag this bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar and then you can use it to share any content from any webpage, even sites that offer no RSS feeds, although that's a rarity nowadays.

Google Reader bookmarkletThere is even more control over what gets shared. Select some text from the page before clicking the "Note in Reader" bookmarklet and your selection will appear as the item's body. There's also a space for you to add an editorial note when you need to let your friends know why you are sharing something. You can always uncheck "Add to shared items" if you want to add something to Reader without also adding it to your shared items.

The "Share with note" button on the item toolbar allows you to add a note with what you share.

Google Reader share-link

Google Reader annotation

Google Reader now also allows you to share plain notes, not attached to any items on Reader. Think of it as a quick chat room. These Notes are available at the top of the Notes page.

Google Reader note-box

You can now add a little personality to your public shared items page by choosing from three new styles from your shared items page. Google Reader will also highlight the list view when an item is being shared by a friend, as opposed to through your normal subscriptions.

Google Reader styles

[via Google Reader Blog]


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