Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SmoothDraw NX the freeware paint program


Remember how we used to amuse ourselves by drawing pictures on MSPaint program when we bought our first computers? At first it was hard and we could barely control the mouse. Then slowly we learned to draw straight lines and learned to make ends of two lines meet at a point. Even today drawing with the mouse is tough. A part of the difficulties we face when drawing with the mouse lies with the drawing application itself. MSPaint is a crude application with too little functionality. The sketches that came out of MSPaint were crude too. Later programs like Paint.NET became more popular because it provided much more features and flexibility than MSPaint at absolutely no cost.

SmoothDraw NX isn't here to replace Paint.NET, but has unique features of it's own. One notable feature of this program is that it visibly smoothens curves you draw with the mouse. Now don't expect something like you see in Adobe Illustrator. SmoothDraw NX uses two parameters in brush strokes called "Ink Flow" and "Grain", apart from brush width. By adjusting the Ink flow and the Grain size we can produce fairly smooth curves even with the mouse. I have noticed that decreasing the grain size and increasing the ink flow produces the best results.


SmoothDraw NX also has various types of brushes - a normal pen, a leaky pen that leaves drops, wax crayons, felt pen, air brush, hard brush, water color etc. These tools can add artistic touch to your drawings. It also has a few filters like blur, sharpen, burn etc.

SmoothDraw NX is a freeware version of SmoothDraw that packs some additional features and comes at a price of $45.

Download SmoothDraw NX (freeware)


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