Friday, May 16, 2008

Surf anonymously on Opera with OperaTor

OperaTor is a browser for those who seek to be anonymous when surfing the net. OperaTor is a bundle of the browser Opera with Tor which is a software that allows anonymous browsing through the use of virtual tunnels on the Tor network, and Privoxy, a web proxy. Tor and Privoxy are the best tools for anonymity and combined with Opera, OperaTor makes one of the most powerful anonymous web browser ever.

OperaTor is portable, which means no installation is required and it can be carried along wherever you go in a pen drive. So you remain anonymous no matter which computer you are browsing from, whether it be your office PC or one in a cyber cafe. With OperaTor no data is stored at the computer you plug the pen drive into. Also by default, Java, Javascript and plugins are disabled to prevent leaking of information through tracking scripts that websites employ.



OperaTor masks my real IP. This is the IP of the proxy through which I'm connected

OperaTor works exactly like Opera, of course, because it is the same browser. A few modifications are made like the default skin is changed to a better looking one, and a new toolbar at the bottom makes switching on and off the various security options like javascript and cookies easier. OperaTor also sports a new icon. The rest is untouched. All the features you find on Opera (version 9.27), you will find on OperaTor, except the speed. OperaTor is slow but that's because it uses proxies. If you want to be anonymous you have to use proxies, and proxies are generally slow because of the immense number of users using them at the same time. If anonymity is high in your priority list, and you are willing to sacrifice speed for invisibility, then OperaTor is the right tool for you.

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