Saturday, May 10, 2008

Webhosting Geeks - The ultimate guide to web hosting


If you are looking for web hosting and you haven't visited Webhosting Geeks then you aren't looking at the right places. Seriously, Webhosting Geeks is probably the best web hosting reviews website I have ever found.

When you are looking for a web host, you should start by reading reviews and comparison of different web hosts. The ideal place to begin is of course, Google. If a web hosting provider has a support forum, then hang around it reading posts made by customers and gauging the type of problems faced by them, how quickly their problems were addressed and whether their issues did get solved. Then there are places like Webhosting Geeks to look at.

The first thing you will see when you visit this site is the "Top 10 Web Hosting" list. This list is probably updated once a year, for the current list stands for year 2008, and the previous list was possibly for 2007 since the site owner forgot to update it in the title of the page! The list provides a quick preview of the best web hosting providers - the disk space and bandwidth offered and the price. Also, it mentions any special benefit you may get from their service like free domain, Google Adword coupons, Yahoo credit etc.

If you have a number of websites then you can look at the multiple web hosting providers that allow you to host multiple domains from the same account. The Web Hosting Awards category gives you the top names for specific hosting categories like blog hosting, forum hosting, Unix hosting, Windows hosting etc. So if you are looking for a web hosting company to  host your, say, new forum then you know where to look at.

Apart from reviews, Webhosting Geeks also has a couple of informative web hosting articles. Answers to some of the most common questions like How to choose a web hosting?, How to find them?, Which web hosting is best for you? etc can be found in these articles. Knowing what to look for in a web host is essential before you even start looking for it.

Webhosting Geeks is no doubt an excellent resource for web hosting reviews. But even then it's extremely important that you read reviews of the same web host on multiple websites. It's important not to rely on the verdict of only one site. Sometimes cheap and petty web host disappear overnight and when they do, they take along your website. You wouldn't want that to happen. So be careful when you select a web host.


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