Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Windows Live Writer standalone installer, backup tool and portable version


Without a doubt, Windows Live Writer is one of the finest desktop blogging software ever. I love everything about Windows Live Writer except the installer. In fact, there is no Windows Live Writer installer, just a Microsoft Products installer launcher. The launcher initiates the installation process and the required files has to be downloaded through the Internet. This is such a pain. A standalone installer would have been so much easier.

Actually, there is a standalone installer. When you install Live Writer or any Live products, the installers are downloaded and cached in your hard disk from where the installation takes place. You can find these standalone installers in C:\Program Files\Common Files\WindowsLiveInstaller\ MsiSources\ (Note: You have to enable viewing of hidden files and protected system files to see the WindowsLiveInstaller folder.) Backup the installers for further installations.

Now, you might also like to have a portable version of Windows Live Writer. Download Windows Live Writer portable.

If you are in the habit of saving your posts as drafts, then backing up these drafts and other settings would be a good idea. For that install the Windows Live Writer Backup. This backup utility will backup the blog settings, the drafts, recent blogs and even the plugins. If Live Writer happens to become corrupt for some reason or fail to open, you will not lose your saved drafts.

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