Sunday, June 15, 2008

3 awesome feature of Opera 9.5 you are going to miss if you don't use it!


Last week Opera 9.5 finally came out of beta after nearly 8 months. It was the most awaited release after the tremendous performance and feature improvements shown by it's beta releases. Among the number of new additions made to the latest version I have singled out these three that I consider indispensable.

1. Increase the number of slots in speed dial

Surprisingly, this feature wasn't advertised by Opera even though it is certainly one of the best. The Opera speed dial has slots for only 9 websites by default. Certainly, your monitor has space to hold a lot more than 9. In previous versions, changing the number of speed dial slots was not possible. But with version 9.5, you can. To increase the number of slots in speed dial, at first locate the Opera preference directory by typing about:opera into the address bar. The usual location in Windows XP is C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile

Close Opera (this is important) and then open speedial.ini in any text editor. Add the following lines and adjust number of rows & columns to your requirement. If you use widescreen monitor, increase number of columns.



[via OperaWatch]

2. Quickly find contents with Quick Find

The greatly improved History search, dubbed Quick Find, is a god send. How many times have you found something online and then forgot on which website you read it? Now Quick Find will let you search not only the titles and addresses of previously visited pages, but the actual content of the Web pages you visit! Quick Find is available from the address bar too.

3. Save only the active session

I don't know how many use the save session feature, but I use it frequently. Hence, for me this is a great addition. The new Save Session feature of Opera gives you the option of saving only the active window rather than all open windows. Previously I had to close all unwanted windows before saving a session. Now I can save only one set of opened tabs and leave the rest.


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