Monday, June 23, 2008

Apply decorative effects to images using CSS and JavaScript


Adding some decorations to an image like a simple border or gloss makes the gallery visually appealing. Such effects are generally done using applications like Photoshop, which needs time and effort and not to mention, the skills. But using JavaScript and CSS you can produce the same effects without having to spend time editing the images. Who needs Photoshop when we can do create designs like these?

1. Web Designer Wall has created a Decorative Gallery pack consisting of over 20 amazing styles, from a simple image icon to a rounded corner to a masked layer. See the demos (demo1, demo2, demo3) of some of the effects that can be applied.


2. Instant.js is a JavaScript that adds a border and tilt to the images


3. Mapper.js adds automatic area highlighting to image maps on your webpages


4. Reflex.js adds a reflection to the image.


5. Glossy.js adds a beautiful glossy 3D effect to buttons and images.



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