Sunday, June 1, 2008

Automatically rotate your browser's homepage through multiple websites


Do you have too many favorite websites? Are you unable to decide which one to set as homepage? Don't worry, What Page has a peculiar solution to your problem.

Go to What Page and register an account for your self. Now add as many websites you want (limited to 102) to your account. Sort this list of sites by assigning serial numbers to each site. Then set the homepage in your browser to the URL What Page generates for you.

Now every time you hit the home page button in the browser you will be taken to a different website. These websites are of course, the list of sites you already specified. The websites will be rotated serially according to the serial numbers you assigned. One unique feature I noticed is that the homepage rotation is not tied to the browser. If you visit the homepage in say Firefox, and then launch Opera and again visit the homepage you will be taken to the next site in the sequence and not to the beginning.


A user does not require to be logged in to the site when he or she cycles through the homepages, which means that anybody can access your homepages if they can get hold of your What Page URL! Change the id in the URL to some random number and start discovering other people's homepages. It's like StumbleUpon!


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