Friday, June 27, 2008

Blogger adds exciting new features


Blogger has rolled out some really big new features for it's popular blogging platform. Most of these additions should have been added a long ago, really. But I guess, Google has it's own way and own time of doing things. Anyway, here is quick synopsis of the latest features of blogger. As always, all these features are currently available only on blogger in draft. In other words, they are still in beta.

1. New post editor: The post editor is completely revamped. The first thing that you will notice are the improved looks of the buttons. But looks are secondary. We are after features and the new editor has lots of improved features. Firstly, images are handled better than done by the earlier editor. You can now add an image into your post exactly at the insertion point instead of at the top of the post. You can easily resize or remove an image with the image size “bubble.” Click on the image to bring up the bubble, and resize the image instantly.

The Edit HTML has also seen lots of improvement. Read more.

2. Embedded Comment Form: OMG! Finally Google has listened to the requests. The comment form will be now embedded on the bottom of the blog post instead of putting it on a separate page. You will have to change the code of your template to make this work. I will be testing this soon.


3. Star Ratings: With star ratings readers can now rate blog posts from one star to five stars with a single click, right from the post footer. Read more on how to use this feature.


4. Import and Export Blogs: Blogger now allows you to import and export blogs either for easy backup are moving them into an entirely new blog. I'm not sure whether it allows you to import a Wordpress blog into blogger. We will just have to wait and see.


Apart from these major changes, there are numerous other small updates, features and fixes. This is certainly going to be one major boost to blogger.

[via Blooger in Draft]


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