Monday, June 9, 2008

Free streaming music on your website or desktop with Dizzler


Dizzler is a free streaming music and video player for your desktop. Dizzler is also available as a widget that can be embedded in your website, blog, MySpace etc and then your playlist shared with others. Dizzler gives you access to over 3 million free full length songs, of remarkable quality, as well as videos from YouTube, Internet radio and flash games. 


In order to play music on Dizzler you will have to register and get a Dizzler account. Then you can login via the desktop player, the player widget you embedded on your site or through Dizzler's site.

Once you are logged in, you can search for literally any music you want. You can browse through the most popular searches on Dizzler, or just create a playlist of random songs. Perhaps the best addition is the Internet radio. You can browse through radio stations by genre, county or state. Then there are videos, which are basically YouTube videos and also flash games. Saving the songs to the hard disk is easy, though it isn't an option in Dizzler. Just use a download manager that monitors the the clipboard and URL for downloadable files. I use DAP. As soon as I click on a song in the desktop player it automatically captures the URL and asks me whether I want to download it. This isn't working with the embedded widget on a website though.

Dizzler adds a social touch to the media player by allowing users to share playlist with others. The Who's Online button let's you find others who are currently logged in.

Dizzler makes are great streaming media player and also a great search engine to find and download songs.


  1. Thanks for introducing a nice entertainment utility. It will be a most refreshing one for those who are tied to their systems. But while the radio listening (I listened to shyam radio from India) is excellant, for dial up users music and videos will be testing their patience. In music I tried for the great MSS and Dr.BalamuraliKrishna and found two results but the audio is very bad (may be due to my dial up connection)No results for TMS,PBSrinivas and SPB. For P.Suseela there are about ten results. The joke is it is categorised under new songs and thesongs available are from pictures from 1952 to 1959. Eventhough,due to my dial up connection,there was disturbance, the video quality is very good. I must recommend it to my friends.Thanks again, Sri Kaushik


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