Friday, June 27, 2008

Get house plans for your dream house on House Plans and More


Looking for house plans? Are you fed up with your local architect's uninspiring designs? Then you should look at House Plans and More. Yes, that's the name of the site and it's certainly quite a mouthful!

House Plans and More makes looking for home plans so much easier. There are hundreds (probably thousands) of different plans to choose from, and they are very convenient to search. It lets you specify the minimum and maximum values of the square feet within which you are looking for, the number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms you want. You can also fill in your budget, in the "estimated cost to build". The advanced search reveals plenty of more search criteria like number of floors, houses with courtyards and porches, split bedroom, side-entry garage or rear-entry garage and many more. In short, for every little dream you have about your future house, there is a search option available. To make the search results even more meaningful, you can specify which is the most important feature for you - the size, the number of rooms or the cost.

You can also search houses by type - coastal houses, cottage type, European type, New England type, Victorian type, Log house and so on.

And what about the plans? Boy! they are really beautiful. I have actually spent a long time looking at the houses!

house-plans house-plans3

The plan details for each floor, front view, rear view etc are available. These can be bought in various forms like Reproducible Master or a CAD package. The plans include foundation plans that specify the thickness of the walls, column location and all other technical parameters necessary in construction. Plumbing and electrical plans are also included.


Apart from house plans, you get construction designs and ideas for small backyard projects like a house for your dog, bird houses, easy chairs, picnic tables, fences, sheds, barns etc. This site is certainly a rich resource for house plans and designs as well as aspiring architects.


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