Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to get back Google's old favicon


You must have already seen it, Google's new favicon. It became the talk of the whole Internet. However, not many people are too happy with the change, including me. I liked the old favicon, colorful and with a capital G, as with Google. Google starts with a capital G, it's not google (even Windows Live Writer has underlined it with a red wriggling line). The new icon is so bland. If you hate Google's blue icon like me, then there is a way to get back the old one.

This will work only if you are using Firefox, because the solution to Google's favicon "issue" is by way of using a userscript. The Google's Old Favicon userscript was created the same day Google changed it's favicon, 30th of March 2008. You will need the Greasmonkey script installed to use this userscript.

Before and after:



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