Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Human Calendar


The Human Calendar is a calendar made up of... well, humans. I have never seen such a calendar before. Why don't you take a look yourself?


This calendar is also available in a widget form. You get a code which you insert into your blog, website, Google homepage or Myspace. It looks like this:

The calendar will update automatically so that it always shows the current date. I like it. I might even put it up here in this blog :^)

Visit The Human Calendar next month to get July's calendar. Also see the human clock, Vertical and Horizontal Strip Calendar and Thumb calendar.


  1. Sri Kaushik,
    I am unable to find widget at human calender site. How to get the widget?

  2. Sorry. Forgot to add the link. Here it is.

    Link now added to main post.


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