Friday, June 6, 2008

Run Windows applications in tabs with WinTabber


What is the best feature in any modern browser? You must have already guessed it. Yes, it's definitely the tabs. Tabbed browsing became so popular that now we have tabbed explorer and tabbed notepads. Then WinTabber went a step ahead and added tabs to all applications. Well, WinTabber doesn't actually add tabs to the application, rather it runs application in tabs inside the WinTabber window thus keeping the taskbar items organized and clean.

WinTabber's window itself contains nothing. You have to load applications into it. For this you start the programs as usual from the start menu. Then click on File>NewTab in WinTabber and select the opened windows you want to load. Once you click OK, these applications will be removed from the taskbar as well as the desktop and transferred into WinTabber's window, and lined up in tabs, just like in a browser. Each application now runs in their own tab within WinTabber. You can open as many WinTabber windows as your taskbar can hold. Each WinTabber window will hold various application in tabs. Programs can be released from WinTabber whenever needed. The extra space occupied by the tab bar and the menu bar at the top reduces the viewable area of the monitor by a couple of pixels, but that shouldn't be a problem on large monitors. Besides, the bars can be disabled from showing.


WinTabber running Media Player, Explorer, Firefox, GTalk and Opera in tabs.

One problem with WinTabber is programs with multiple windows aren't displayed correctly inside WinTabber's window. For example, Adobe Photoshop had multiple floating windows which hung on top of other applications and caused obstruction when I tried to move it into WinTabber. Similar problems were caused by Winamp which has multiple blocks each one for equalizers, playlist etc. But there is no real need to run Winamp in tabs, so this isn't a big issue. The one application, however, that I find extremely happy to use with WinTabber is MS Word. Give this program a try, you might love it.

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