Thursday, June 19, 2008

SideSlide - The dockable desktop extension


SideSlide is a portable, unobtrusive dock for the desktop. Like many Dock applications, SideSlide holds various utilities like an RSS news feeds, shortcuts to files, folders and URLs you frequently visit, a command line for quickly executing various commands, add multiple notes, add multiple, sizable, pictures, a schedule reminders, save web snippets and more.


SideSlide has a feature called "containers". You can use containers to link to actual folders on disk and launch groups that allow you to start multiple programs at once. Applications and files can be dragged to these containers to create shortcuts. Often you might be working on multiple projects at the same time, where you use different sets of files for each project. To efficiently manage these files you can create separate containers for each projects and drag all files related to each projects to their respective containers. Doing this will save you precious time from hunting files of your project on your hard disk. It is obvious, that using more containers will clutter the contents within the SideSlide. So the application provides you with two ways to minimize the containers - folding, in which the container window is removed and only the top bar remains visible and shrinking, which shrinks the container into a button with a customizable icon.

Every container also has a Note where you can scribble down anything related to the container. So there is no need to use a separate note application to write down ideas relating each project you are working on.

SideSlide can be docked to any edge of the screen and it's size adjusted at will. SideSlide is also portable and you can use it from your USB drive. Overall, SideSlide is an interesting application that you might want to give a try.

SideSlide homepage


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