Friday, June 27, 2008

Tech Suave's Aspiring Blogger Contest


Are you a blogger? Then here is a chance for you to win some real goodies. Blog Tech Suave is holding a small competition for bloggers which he calls the "Aspiring Blogger Contest". Unlike other contests, this contest allows you to choose the prize you want when you enter the contest. According to the blog, since not everyone will be after the same prize the odds of winning for every participants is high. I think he has got a point there.

As for the prizes, they are really useful, specially if you are a blogger. After all, this contest is for the "aspiring bloggers". He is giving away four premium Wordpress themes - the Elite Wordpress Premium theme (2 copies), the Revolution Wordpress Theme (2 copies), the Mimbo Pro Wordpress theme (2 copies), the Video Flick theme (1 copy) and the TV Elements theme (1 copy). A total of eight premium Wordpress themes. There is more. You get 1 Year Web Hosting from Reel Suave, a few copies of ebooks, ad spots on his blog and some more. The total value of all the prizes is over $1000.

To take part in the contest you have to either subscribe to his blog, or add his blog to Technorati favorite and some other ways of entering the contest, all involving your taking part in some activity that is related to Tech Suave or the associated blogs. There are tickets to be won for doing any of the above things. The more number of tickets you win, the better are your chances of winning.

The contest will run throughout June and winners will be announced on July.


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