Saturday, June 21, 2008

Transfz - Search from anywhere


Generally, search engines are accessible only through the browser. But why? Why can't we search for a word we found in a Word document? Why can't we directly go to a web address found on a text file? These are some of the handicaps of desktop applications that will disappear once you start using Transfz.

Transfz contains multiple tools within it. The most prominent among them is the universal search agent. Transfz allows you to search for any keyword on popular online search engines from virtually anywhere. Just highlight the word you want to search and press Ctrl+D (can be changed) to launch the Global Menu. From there you can select on which search engine you want to search. The default search engines that come along with the program includes Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Digg,, YouTube, Amazon, IMDB, Torrentz ..... etc. Other search engines like Flickr, StumbleUpon, MySpace and a host of others can be downloaded and installed. You can even add your own custom search engines to Transfz. Once you click on a search engine, the default browser will be launched and the search results displayed like usual search operations.


You can assign hotkeys to these search engines so that you can launch the search directly, bypassing the Global Menu. For instance, if you assign Ctrl+G for Google, then just selecting a word on any application and pressing Ctrl+G will directly perform a search for the word in Google. Brilliant!

Transfz can do more.

  • There is a bunch of text manipulation utilities that can perform such actions like convert a selected text to lowercase or uppercase, capitalize the first letter, count number of words and characters in the selected text, insert date and time, search and replace and a few more.
  • Transfz has a clipboard manager that remembers the last 5-30 entries of copied text. Select any text and click on a previously copied text from the clipboard to automatically replace the selected text.
  • Using the OpenURL option you can select a plain text URL and open it directly in your browser.


There are several other micro applications or extensions that can be installed to add more functions.

  • The Textmagnifier extension magnifies whatever text is currently selected
  • OnTopToggler can toggle any window forced "ontop" of the other windows on screen
  • Twitter can post directly to your Twitter account
  • Remove Carriage Returns extension removes line breaks - tired of manually fixing text that has been copied from email? This one to the rescue!
  • AddToNotepad sends and appends data to any open Notepad window, perfect for quick research.

In short, Transfz is a brilliant little application and you are really going to enjoy using it.

Download Transfz

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