Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vistapack XP and 2000 - The newest Windows customization pack


After Vista Customization Pack, Vista Transformation Pack, Vistamizer, and Vista Inspirat, the latest to join the group is Vistapack XP and 2000. Vistapack XP and 2000 is a little different from other transformation packs. Packs like Vistamizer, and Vista Inspirat replaces the system files with new files that gives Windows XP the Vista look. Vistapack XP and 2000 does not use new system files, rather it modifies the old system files using Resource Hacker to change icons, bitmaps and some dialogs, to make it look like the Windows Vista. The program keeps a backup of the earlier files so that you can always revert back to the old look.

Vistapack XP and 2000, as the name suggests, works with both Windows XP and 2000.





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