Friday, July 11, 2008

Follow live cricket matches on Cricket Nirvana's Cricket Center


Cricket Nirvana's Cricket Center is more than just a ball by ball update scorecard. Cricket Center is a desktop application powered by Adobe AIR, that brings you not only real time ball by ball updates but live streaming videos and Video on Demand of matches featuring India, as well as some domestic matches. The best part is it's interactive scorecard, wagon wheel, player's profile, graphs and all sorts of statistics. You can also throw flowers or tomatoes to any cricketer of your choice!

cricket1 cricket2

There is also a chat application using which you can chat with other Cricket Center users. The mini scoreboard mode allows you to minimize the application while keeping a small scoreboard on the bottom right of the screen. This scoreboard will show important notification whenever a player hits a six are gets out.

Before you can get match updates, you need to register which is of course, free. The next time there is match, be sure to follow it with Cricket Center.

[via SwaroopCH]


  1. Indians played beautifully today. They are gelling well as team. All are contributing. Disagree with Dravid when he is saying one should play to the situations but one should not get blogged down like him with no runs on the board what if a wicket falls. Barring Dravid all are habit of rotating strike be it Sachin, Sehwag, Gambhir,Laxman, Yuvi etc. One should not make comments just because one has started getting scores of 80's & 60's. Where were u Mr.Dravid when your chips were down for almost 2 seasons & sehwag was scoring in the Test Specially?

  2. i do agree with the comment made on 30/3. Look at Gambhir great application. He resorted to to defend rather than going for the occasional shots that he relishes. After getting bogged down for nearly 5 hrs the next day he tried to hoik over mid-on & gave a nearly simple catch to O'brien who dropped a sitter. Morel of the story is go for your natural game, rotate the strike, take single but don't get bogged down. On the other hand look at Laxman/ Yuvi played their natural game & took the game away from the Kiwi's. Though i am great fan of Dravid the statement made by him was not in the right context.

  3. This match has really proved a point.Look at all other player except Dravid. He Stayed there for long hours for his 32. Ultimately by staying long he did not have the runs on the board. I am not against staying long & occupying your crease but at the same time score the runs which are essential. Whilst other players made merry. We lost wickets but the runs were on the board 379 in 90 overs. The rate a healthy 4 plus!! Hope we are wise.


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