Thursday, July 31, 2008

Google + Linux + MySpace = gOS Space


A few months ago I posted about a Linux distro called gOS, the Google-Linux distro. To refresh things, gOS is based on the most widely acclaimed Ubuntu Linux and integrates all Google services like GMail, Google News, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps, YouTube and Blogger into the distro for one-click access. Back then, gOS was based on the Enlightenment E17 window manager, with no support for KDE or Gnome. Now gOS is available in three different versions - gOS Rocket E, which is the Enlightenment based version, gOS Rocket G which is based on Gnome and another fresh one called gOS Space which includes MySpace applications for photos, music, movies, TV etc.

Jack Wallen on TechRepublic writes:

gOS Space uses a combination of GNOME, Compiz Fusion, the Avant Window Navigator, and a bit of Enlightenment E17 code. This combination makes for a very interesting user experience that, as far as I know, is unique only to Space. Unfortunately this combination causes the minimum requirements to mimic that of the latest Ubuntu.


[Image courtesy: Flickr]

The most exiting feature in Space is the Stack, which is something like a collapsible folder that sits on the Dock. When you click on the folder in the dock, the Stack extends vertically. Everything except the expanded folders is transparent so you do not see the expandable menu popping up.

A more detailed review can be read at TechRepublic

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  1. imho - a really nice and user friendly distribution


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