Friday, July 4, 2008

How to display more than 5 recent posts in blogger


Blogger, for some unknown reason, restricts the number of recent posts that can be displayed on your blog to just five. Obviously, we aren't happy with that restriction. So I'm going to show you how to display more than five recent posts in your blog.

For this we will use one of Feedburner's service called BuzzBoost. First, you need to burn your blog's feed with Feedburner. If you haven't already done it then I strongly recommend you to do so.

Login to your Feedburner account and click on your feed. Now click on the tab "Publicize" on top of the page. On the next page, under "Services" in the sidebar, you will find BuzzBoost.

The options under BuzzBoost are self explanatory. Select the number of items you want to display, 10 should be fine. You can choose to display a feed title on top of the feeds, date of publication and author name etc. I used the following settings.


After you have configured the feeds, activate the service and you will be given a code. Go to your blogger's layout page and add the code into a HTML/JavaScript widget. Done!

More Customization

The best thing about BuzzBoost is that it uses the same display styles as in your stylesheet or your template, so that the "Recent Post" widget blends perfectly well with your blog. But there is something more you can do with it. The BuzzBoost code displays not only the title of the post but also a short summary (the first few lines) of the post. Some might prefer it and some might not. To make the code display only the title and not the summary, we add the following override settings to the code highlighted by the bold text.

<script language="JavaScript" src= type="text/javascript"></script>

You can see the results on the sidebar on this blog.

Checkout the complete list of override settings for more customization.


  1. Neat :)
    will come in handy if I decide to increase its number in my blog.

  2. I think the limit of 5 must only apply if you are using the "" format. I use Blogger but it publishes directly to my own domain name site at and I currently have the 7 most recent posts showing.


  3. @Scott Johnson: Are you sure? Because I'm using a custom .com domain too and I see only 5 post maximum.

  4. Yes - in fact I just went to and under the Settings - Formatting section, there is the option to choose how many posts appear on the main page. Mine is set to 7 but you can choose how many you want to display.

  5. @Scott Johnson: You are confusing recent post with number of post on main page. I'm talking about the Recent post widget which you can add by choosing "Feeds" from the widget section. That one is limited to 5.

  6. i want to kiss you :) i am very very hapy for this info .i dont know how can i thank you. All i can do is thanking you .Thanks! thanks! thanks :)


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