Monday, July 28, 2008

Private browsing in Firefox


Apple's browser Safari has a very unique feature called private browsing. In the private browsing mode the browser does not record any of the sites visited in the history or in the cache, and any information you enter like username and password aren't remembered. In Firefox, the private browsing feature is brought by two extensions - Distrust and Stealther.

distrust Distrust creates a silent browsing session during which it monitors all activities in Firefox, picks up all surfing trail that you leave behind, and then flushes them out when the Distrust session is turned off. All history items and cached pages during this session is removed from the browser and leave the computer as it was before the browsing session began.

Firefox 3 users, download version 0.8.1 from the developer's website: download the latest version from here

stealther Another extension that does pretty much the same thing is Stealther. Stealther will temporarily disable the following:
- Browsing History (also in Address bar)
- Cookies
- Downloaded Files History
- Disk Cache
- Saved Form Information
- Sending of ReferrerHeader
- Recently Closed Tabs list


If you are an Internet Explorer user, then you can look at Browzar. Browzar is an extremely small browser (only 220KB) that runs on top of the IE engine and does not record any information - history, disk cache, auto complete etc when you use it. No installation is required and is in fact so small that the developers say that it's actually disposable. You don't even need to keep it in your PC or carry it with you. Just download it whenever you want, use it and delete it.


Image courtesy: Softonic


  1. In firefox, if you are using your own computer you could go to tools>options>privacy>tick "Always clear my data when firefox closes" then click settings beside it and tick everything you want deleted.

  2. That's great - if you want to always clear your data. What's cool about Safari's private browsing and these extensions is that you can easily switch between paranoia and convenience.

    The fact that I don't want porn sites in my history (and the gajillion cookies they leave) doesn't mean I want to clear my whole history and log back into everything later, trying to remember which password went with which site.

  3. That's the whole idea with private browsing. If you clear the cache, all your previous records will be gone too. But with private browsing you can selectively keep or discard your history as you wish.

    secure-browser browzar is fake and full of adware.

    Check into it before installing it!


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