Thursday, August 21, 2008

How to automate downloading from Rapidshare


The most annoying thing about Rapidshare is that downloads doesn't begin immediately. Users are first required to click on FREE and then wait till the counter gets to zero, which can take up to a minute, and then click on Download. Only then does the file download commence. If you move away to other sites during the wait period and then forget about it, after some time the session expires and you have to start all over again.

rslogo But using userscripts in Firefox you can automate this entire process. Two Greasemoneky scripts that does it are Rapidshare Flukke's autodownloader and Rapidshare Robot. If you don't already have Greasemonkey, then download it and install any of the two scripts.

Now when you open a Rapidshare link in a tab, the script will automatically click on the FREE button, wait for the counter to finish counting and then automatically click on the download button and start downloading. No user intervention is required. These scripts make downloading from Rapidshare just like any other file download.


  1. here's a better alternative... A download manager for RapidShare!

    just paste all your links and click go! :D

  2. @gringo: Ok, I will check that, but I'm skeptical. In the past, I have tried about 2-3 different downloaders for rapidshare including one that supposedly supports resume. None of them actually work. The files gets corrupted. For free users there is no other way than to download through the browser.

  3. this program doesn't resume downloads... but it can process a list of links. (and works with free accounts)

    Since the captcha code isn't required anymore... it becomes much more easier to automatize the download process

    (ouch! my english... :P)

  4. Or you can just use jdownloader, which can automatically reconnect your router / modem for a new ip etc..

  5. ye jdownloader rules i use that

  6. thx to your thread I now am a jdownloader convert. jDownloader does infact rule...

  7. And of course, this also exists for chrome.
    It's not a script, just plug and play.


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