Friday, August 22, 2008

How to get a spell checker on Opera


Unless you are a walking dictionary or an extremely deft typist, you are bound to make mistakes. Thankfully, most applications that require typing also has a spell checker. Word processors had auto correct since ages. Even Firefox detects typing errors and highlights them with a red wriggly line. Opera doesn't have any spell checker. However, it does support a third party spell checking tool and integrates it within Opera, just like a plug-in. This tool is Aspell, a GNU software. Download Aspell and also  download one or more dictionaries from the same page. Currently, there are dictionaries for 22 different languages. Install both Aspell and the dictionary(s) and restart Opera. On startup Opera will automatically recognize the installed Aspell and the dictionaries.

aspell  aspell2

Now whenever you get a text box on any page, right click on it and you should see a new item on the menu called "Check spelling". This item will be grayed out unless you type something into the box. After you have completed typing, click on "Check spelling" to launch Aspell. The spell checker won't auto detect the errors though, and won't correct it unless you manually spell-check it. So you aren't going to see any red lines under mistyped words. Still, something is better than nothing.


  1. Every page I see with this tool just says "install and restart windows" but how do I install it? There is nothing I can make sense of. I have to use C++ or something?

  2. Sorry, I mean to say "install and restart Opera"

  3. That's what you have to do. Install Aspell and restart Opera. Please read it carefully once again.

  4. I still can't get it to work

  5. I now have it in my programs file. Nothing comes up about spelling in any way.

  6. I have no idea why it's not working for you.

  7. Download Opera 10 aplha. It has an inbuilt spell checker.

  8. I hawe, tis not workbling, I"ev evan tryed gooing t teh menue Edit/Check Spelling, dos noght whork. Haw T phix thiss, win evary lync leeds yoo t "Opera 10 is really great, its got inline spell checking don't you know" has it really! Then why do I not have ANY sqiggly wred lines in this message?


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