Saturday, August 30, 2008 - Write emails, text messages and post to your blog via phone


After two and half years has finally come out of beta. This unique service allows you to write emails, set reminders and calendar appointments, post to twitter or your blog, all without hitting a single key on your keyboard. Just call Jott, tell them where you want the message to go and then say your message. Your voice will be recorded, transcribed and the message sent as email or set as an appointment in Google calendar or posted to your blog, just as you wish. Sounds interesting.


Jott is available in three plans - Jott Pro ($12.95/month), Jott ($3.95/month) and Jott Basic which is free. The details of the plans can be viewed here. As you can see, the free version is limited, which is expected. The recording time is only 15 sec (for Basic) and 30 sec (for Pro) which is actually too small to create long messages. If you are thinking about updating your blog through Jott, you will need to buy additional recording time.


The Voice-to-Text Notes is unlimited so you can create as many reminders as you want. These notes can be viewed at The premium plans allow these reminders and notes to be sent to your email. The email and text messages option is also unavailable in Jott Basic. Jott links that enable you to post to your blog and create Google calendar entries, among numerous other services, are available to all plans. But some premium Jott links are available only at a price.

There are a couple of Jott applications that you can use with your Blackberry and iPhone to view and manage your reminders. The Jott for Outlook integrates your Jott reminders with Outlook Express and the Jott for iGoogle adds the Jott gadget to your Google homepage.


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