Friday, September 26, 2008

AcceleRun -The most feature rich Application launcher


I have reviewed a number of application launcher in the past but I haven't seen one with so many functions. AcceleRun was hiding in some remote corner of the Internet, thanks to, that I stumbled upon it. AcceleRun is primarily an application launcher. Now I have seen so many application launcher in the past that I wasn't interested in another one. But after using it I discovered that AcceleRun is much more than that.

AcceleRun's various utilities is available from the system tray via two menus - one each for the right and left click.

accelerun-left accelerun-right

The 'AcceleRun' you see at the top of the right menu is the application launcher. Type the first few letters of a program and immediately you will be presented with a list of programs and files to open. If the program you wish to run does not appear on the list you can drag and drop the shortcut to it's window to add that program to it's index.


AcceleRun is also a calculator. Basic calculation can done right inside the search box.

The Favorites on the right menu enables you to drag and drop the shortcut of 10 most used program to it for quicker access.


On the left menu you can see shortcuts to useful items like My Documents, Control Panel, Add/Remove etc.

'Create menu at Quick Launch Bar' allows you to create your own groups of quick launch menus. It can contain shortcuts to anything from programs and folders to files.

Additionally it has a Start Menu customization wizard, empty shortcuts wizard, uninstall selected program feature, memory optimizer and audio volume control with mouse wheel. This is impressive, to say the least. A program definitely worth trying.

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