Monday, September 22, 2008

How to set your online status on GoogleTalk as Idle


Unlike most instant messengers, Google Talk does not allow you to choose your online status. There is no "Invisible mode". That feature is available only in the chat application integrated with Gmail, where you can change your status from idle to busy or available at your will. Google Talk on the other hand, will go into Idle mode only if you really haven't touched your computer for more than 10 minutes. Hit a keyboard key, and you are instantly shown online.


A simple workaround to this problem is to install a free utility called gAlwaysIdle that allows you to manually set your online status as "Idle". gAlwaysIdle adds two new options to Google Talk, allowing you to change your status to be 'always idle' or 'never idle'. When your status is set to 'always idle', you'll appear idle to your Google Talk buddies even though you are rattling away at your keyboard. This is a very handy tool for people who wish to hide their online status.


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