Monday, October 27, 2008

Create online magazines from any document with Calameo


How would you like if you were able to publish your own magazines online? No, I'm not talking about blogs or websites, but magazines - with cover pages, pictures, different layout for different pages, glossy pages, albeit online - but so what? A relatively new online service, Calameo, allows you to do just that. Calameo allows you to convert almost any document formats into an interactive, multimedia and highly attractive flip-page magazine and publish it online - all without spending a penny. Design your own magazines on your PC in DOC or PDF or Open Office formats and convert them into highly visual, super sexy magazines.

With Calameo you can convert your documents into different publishing formats, not only magazines, but books, catalogues, newspapers, presentation etc. The created magazine can then be embedded in a website, downloaded or simply shared with a link.


The magazines are highly visual, with shadow effects to give it a glossy look, a page turn animation and an optional page turn sound. It's entirely customizable. You can embed background music, background picture or links. Readers can zoom into a page or lay them out in thumbnails to view the entire publication. Pages can be bookmarked for later reading. You decide who is allowed to read your magazines by either making it public or private by giving access to only selected individuals. You can also make your magazine downloadable, if you wish. A comment feature allows readers to leave comment, however, those comments are only viewable on Calameo's page.

Enjoyed publishing your first magazine? So you want to continue it every month or week? No problem. Calameo allows you to create publishing channels that readers can subscribe to read all your future publications. Cool! Calameo already has a large community of magazine publishers as well as readers. Go read them.


  1. Dear Sri Kaushik,
    No doubt Calameo is very good. But when I uploaded a word document written in Tamil (not unicode) it produced a unreadable document. Is there any solution? Pdf documents are supported very well

  2. You can't use a document written in a foreign language (non-english) unless it's in unicode. I'm afraid there is no solution for this.

  3. hi kaushik my pblm also the same as thiru.. am using Azhagi+ s/w... for tamil... am set complex format as "latha" and put the language keyboard as tamil... more than that any solution for this.. plz help me


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