Friday, October 31, 2008

Free license of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.5


Paragon's Hard Disk Manager 8.5 Second Edition is a full suite of hard disk utilities encompassing partitioning, backup, disk copying, imaging and recovery, all thrown together into one application. This software looks impressive and has plenty of tools under one roof. But I won't bother myself writing a detailed review, since it basically does the same thing every partition tool, disk imaging tool, backup tool and defragmenter does. The only difference is - this one does all of it. Chris Wiles of has written a nice and brief review without getting into petty details. Here it is. Thanks Chris.


.... A powerful set of partitioning functions will help you divide up your hard drive, for instance, very useful if you'd like two bootable operating systems on the same PC. You're able to move, copy or resize partitions, delete a partition you don't need, and even undelete a partition that's been wiped by accident. (This function can even be completed from a bootable CD created by the program, handy if your hard drive has been corrupted and the PC no longer starts.)

If you've decided to upgrade your PC with a larger, faster hard drive then you'll want to use the Hard Disk Manager cloning function. This copies the old hard drive - boot structures too - onto the new one, so it's immediately ready to use.

Once your system is working smoothly then you might use Hard Disk Manager as a daily backup tool. This can make an image copy of the entire hard drive, or you can speed things up with a differential backup, which only copies files that have changed recently.

And this is just the start. There are also tools to defragment your hard drive, run a surface test to check for errors, or directly edit hard drive sectors. And the program provides a host of useful functions that you won't find in Windows, from the ability to speed up NTFS drives by defragmenting the Master File Table, to converting NTFS drives back to FAT32, change the cluster size on a drive, and much more.

To get your Free license, download Paragon's Hard Disk Manager 8.5 SE from this page and install it. Launch the application and from within it register online to receive your free license code.

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