Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turn Google Talk into a VPN, share and sync files with GBridge


Gbridge is a free standalone extension for the Google Talk service that transforms the GTalk network into a virtual private network (VPN) and allows users to share and sync files and folders, as well as remotely access their computers. Gbridge implements several features on top of VPN.

  • SecureShare: Share a file or folder on one of your computer, so you can access them from other computer. Or you can grant your friends' access to those files. SecureShare is a fine way to share files, large or small, between friends in real time. No hassles of using Rapidshare or similar services.
  • AutoSync: Gbridge also has an automatic file and folder synchronization tool to sync files between computers in the network.
  • LiveBrowse allows you to remotely browse and share folders and files on your friends PC. Gbridge automatically generates thumbnails and slideshow for picture files. Some types of media files, e.g. mp3, wma, flv, wmv, rm, midi, swf, can be played online.
  • EasyBackup: If you own multiple computers you can setup backup of files between your those computers using Gbridge.
  • DesktopShare: Remotely access your own computer desktop or invite your friend to your computer desktop.
  • Chat: You can chat with your friends who are running Gbridge, Gtalk or Gmail.
  • 3rd party applications: Microsoft remote desktop, Microsoft share folder, ssh, ftp can run on top the the Gbridge VPN.


GBridge's VPN can spread across multiple countries and irrespective of networks and IP addresses. If you can use GTalk, you can use Gbridge. Though GBridge runs independently of GTalk, it still requires a Google account to access the service.

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