Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Turn your Gmail account into an online MP3 player


Ever since Gmail started offering email space measuring in gigabytes, people have started coming up with all sorts of ideas to use this extra space as personal file storage (example GSpace). Recently I stumbled upon another clever idea - using your Gmail account as an online MP3 player.

When you send an MP3 file as an attachment to a Gmail address, you will notice that a small link called "Play" appears underneath the attached item. Click on Play and a small window will pop-up and begin playing the song inside the browser. So all you have to do is send yourself MP3 songs and you can play them on any computer from which you can access your Gmail account. This is better than any online file storage.



If you want to seriously implement this idea, I suggest you create a separate Gmail account for this. When you send MP3s to this account, put the title of the song and the artist in the subject field so that it becomes easier for you to search for songs later. With your Gmail MP3 player sharing songs is easy - just forward the mail to your friends.

Before you put this idea to use, you should know that Google is very much against using your Gmail account for anything other than email. If you are caught using your account for storing files, Google might shutdown your account.

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