Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Book Search –The best way to search Amazon


Very few search engines are as uncluttered as Google. And even fewer are as straightforward and simple as the new Amazon books and DVDs search engine Big Book Search. Big Book Search seems to believe in the KISS principle. The primary focus of the search engine is to bring you the results and nothing else. When you search for any books, it shows you an image of the cover page of the books – not small thumbnails but big images, almost as big as the actual books. It feels like the book is actually in front of you. No texts or descriptions are shown in the search page. Clicking on the images takes you to the Amazon’s page for the book.


The results are displayed horizontally with a scrolling bar at the bottom. Scroll with the mouse wheel or slide the seek bar at the bottom to display more results.


DVD search works the same way. You can search for a movie name, directors, actors etc. It’s so simple yet so brilliant. This won’t work for other search engines, but for books and DVDs this is perfect. It feels just like you are actually visiting a book/DVD library skimming through the collection. Give this a try, even if you do not intend to buy it from Amazon, because it’s an awesome way to search.


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