Friday, November 21, 2008

Free license of Photo Pos Pro, the advanced photo editor


Photo Pos Pro and has teamed up together in a promotional campaign to distribute the full version license of Photo Pos Pro, the photo editing software which sells at $50. The software they are giving away is surprisingly the latest edition of Photos Pos Pro and not some earlier edition which usually happens in such giveaways.

Photo Pos Pro is actually a very good photo editor that meets all your photo editing, organizing and photo manipulation needs. The interface is clean  with all the editing tools laid out neatly along the sides and on top of the main screen. Photos Pos Pro provides a wide range of powerful image editing tools to repair and enrich pictures. These tools perform functions like changing colors and textures, removing scratches and unwanted details, sharpening, blurring and spreading of areas on a picture. Photos Pos Pro also supports brushes (you can crate your own brushes), layers, transparency, textures, patterns, gradients, masks and much more. The dozens of filters allows you to apply special effects with the click of a button.


Another set of tool worth mentioning are the Script Tools. The Script tools enable you to define a series of image enhancing operations and to save them as a script file. This is similar to Photoshop Actions. Photos Pos Pro also supports batch operations which enables you to perform the same set of operations on multiple files picture once.

This impressive software can do a lot of things that Photoshop does at a fraction of a price. And now, you can own it for free.

How to get the free license?

To obtain your free license key, visit this page and provide your email address, to which the license key will be mailed.

Now download the trial version of Photo Pos Pro and register it with the key to convert it into the full version.


  1. To obtain your free license key, I visited the above said page but the result was as under

    PHOTO POS PRO Time-Limited Special Offer

    We thank you for you interest in Photo Pos Pro and Softpedia special offer.
    This special giveaway was valid until February 1, 2009

    Our special offer had comes to its end and no longer valid.

    Thank you for your interest, and teams.

  2. can anybody get me the free license key,

  3. Sorry, it's not possible. Try something else. There are lot of free photo editors available, many are reviewed on this site. Start by searching on the search box.

  4. Sometime back, it became free. It really is excellent.


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