Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get notified when your favorite website is up again


Not very long ago I wrote about a Firefox addon called Mr Uptime that continually monitors a website that is currently down and notifies you when it becomes available again. This saves you from keeping a check on the site yourself. But once again non-Firefox users are left alone. So a freelance web designer has coded a new service called Notify Me When It’s Up


This service lets you to enter the URL of any website suffering from downtime and sends you an e-mail notification as soon as it’s back up, provided that the site was effectively down when you entered the information. Since this service isn’t tied to any specific browser, anybody can utilize it. I wasn’t able to give the service a trial as I couldn’t find any site to test it against, but assuming it works, it should be immensely useful.

An interesting turn took place after TechCrunch published this story. A couple of minutes after publishing it, the writer received an email from one Milov Patel claiming that the service is a complete rip-off of a website called DingIt’ that was scheduled for launch today. The screenshot of the site certainly looks alike but there is no way of knowing who copied from whom. Notify Me When It’s Up’s developer says that it is the other way round and that his ‘friend’ with whom he discussed the idea backstabbed him. Ah! so much drama.

Anyway, the backstabber friend’s startup DingIt’ shows some additional services of text messaging and twitter monitoring in the screenshot, and should his site be launched, it will provide users with more options. See, we users are always the winners.


  1. Because of the drama, I just decided to sell Ding It's Up my site. So they're both owned by the same person now.

    Take that how you like. :)

  2. Oh! Not the kind of ending I was expecting. :)
    Anyway, I hope you got good value for your site.


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