Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lunascape – The 3-in-1 web browser


Lunascape is a web browser and the first one to use three different rendering engines – Trident (used by Internet Explorer), Gecko (used by Firefox) and Webkit (used by Google Chrome and Safari). The latest alpha release of the browser allows the user to switch between any of these engines during browsing. So instead of juggling between different browsers, in case some of the websites don’t work with your preferred browser, you can use Lunascape.


Lunascape has the looks of IE but with extra buttons thrown everywhere giving it a cluttered look. Nonetheless, feature wise it looks pretty good. There are plenty of features which you would expect in any modern browser. Some of the extra stuff that I noticed are a screenshot utility, bookmarklets and scripts. The bookmarklets are quite interesting. There are tons of them that can be used to perform tasks like showing passwords behind asterix, highlighting links, viewing HTTP headers, zooming into images, disabling CSS or DIVs and a bunch of other geeky stuff. The status bar gives quick access to certain controls like disabling videos, JavaScript, working offline etc. Lunascape also supports addons and skins.

I think the ability to use Gecko or Webkit engines while having the familiar IE feel is a good plus point. Users who aren’t able to let go IE should give this one a try.

[via Softpedia]


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