Friday, November 28, 2008

Surf from your email. Access blocked websites


Often popular websites are blocked at offices, schools and colleges. Many users then resort to using proxies to access these blocked sites. But proxies are very unreliable and frequently go down. Also a smart system administrator can block web proxies as well. Now a new service from Rediff is giving a ray of hope to those unfortunate individuals, and can quickly become a nightmare for employers and authorities.

The new service called Web-In-Mail allows you to surf the web right from your email inbox. Since email is often accessible, and sometimes the only thing available in offices/educational institution, Web-In-Mail ensures that you can always visit your favorite sites as long as you have access to your email.

To browse a web page, send a blank email message to with the URL as the subject. Web-In-Mail will retrieve the page and mail it to back to you. Rediff says that Web-In-Mail is supported by MS Outlook, Outlook Express and Blackberry device but it actually works for any mail client that supports HTML mails. Web-In-Mail also supports searching Google by sending the command google:query in the subject field. To search Google Images send googleimg:query.


An interesting feature of Web-In-Mail is that it re-encodes the entire page and transforms every links on it as mailto. This means that when you click on any links on the page, it will automatically send another blank message with the URL in the subject to retrieve the clicked page.

The only disappointment is that the system is slow and it takes several minutes to receive the mail.

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