Friday, November 14, 2008

Unlimited online storage space from MyBloop


Just how far can these online storage services go? When Oosah started offering 1 Terabyte of free online space, I thought, "This is it. No one can beat this one." I was wrong. Now another service MyBloop, is enticing users with "unlimited" free storage space.

MyBloop is a place where you can store all of your files for free. There are no limits on storage, bandwidth or the number of files you can store. Anyone can join MyBloop.

.....The current maximum size per file is 1GB. There are no limited to the number of files you can upload. There are also no limits on bandwidth. You can store an unlimited number of files in your account.

mybloop MyBloop has an interesting application called BloopLoader. BloopLoader allows you to upload files to MyBloop directly from your desktop. You can drag and drop files and control them from a Windows-like interface, which is familiar to all users and doesn't require you to learn anything new to use. BloopLoader works on Windows and Intel Macs. There is also a .deb package for Debain based Linux distros.

One feature I particularly liked is the ability to hotlink images uploaded to your account, which means that you can use MyBloop to store images for your blog or website. MyBloop also allows you to stream music from your account. Upload music files to MyBloop and then listen to streaming music or even embed a small music player to your blog.

This is a great service.

[via Chris Pirillo]

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