Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Day Site – Own a homepage for a day


Asim Imtiaz, a young computer science engineering student from Karachi, Pakistan Edinburgh, has started a strange new venture – The Day Site. The Day Site has a very simple idea - it lets you have its homepage for a day. Upload an image with a link to your website and get it displayed on their homepage for an entire day. Once the day ends your homepage is archived and becomes a part of the Internet Calendar. It’s free advertisement.


When you create an account on The Day Site, you are given 1 or 2 “free days”. You are allowed to pick any date from the calendar, depending upon their availability, and reserve it. On your chosen date, your uploaded image along with a description and a link will be displayed on their homepage. You are free to display whatever you desire, as long as it doesn't violate any laws. You can advertise your business, your websites, display a message for your loved ones, bash a bully friend or announce your birthday. Once you have exhausted your free days, you can purchase more days, but the price is yet to be disclosed.

The website plans to limit it’s registered user base to 100,000 accounts globally, the initial 10,000 accounts of which are going to be free. The remaining 90,000 accounts will be on invitation basis or be paid accounts.

The idea is new and innovative and can be an attractive free advertising solution for new businesses, provided it can overcome the initial hurdles. If they can sell their idea, it has the potential to kick off a new trend in advertising.


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