Monday, December 8, 2008

IMVOCAL - A phone number for instant messengers


IMVOCAL is a new VoIP service that allows any one to dial into an IMVOCAL user using a standard phone or mobile, no matter where that user might be. The user can receive incoming calls right on their favorite instant messenger -no additional download is required. The best part is: it’s free, both for the caller as well as the receiver.

imvocal-logo This is how it works: You sign-up for IMVOCAL and choose a unique 9 digit toll free number which becomes your VOCAL ID or simply, your new phone number. Add IMVOCAL to your instant messenger as a buddy and you are set. Now anybody can call you on your VOCAL ID number and you can receive it on your messenger application. In case you are not online, the caller can even leave a voice mail. Supported instant messengers are Yahoo, GTalk, AIM and MSN. The call duration, at present, is limited to a fair duration of 10 minutes.

It’s disappointing that the service is available to only a few countries – US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan and France. I wish they extend their service to more countries soon, because IMVOCAL is a great way to protect your identity online. It’s your phone number on the Internet that allows you to let anybody call you without the need to reveal your actual phone number. 

[via KillerStartups]

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  1. The host site IMVOCAL has already been terminated and there is no way you can find it anywhere else! You should keep track of your articles and delete those that are no more available!


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